Jomtien Beach Gets Facelift

In an attempt to make Jomtien Beach more attractive, the beach promenade area will receive a major facelift estimated at 273 million Baht over the next two years. Here are some renderings of what Jomtien may look like in 2017.

new jomtien beach 2017 (9)

Construction work is already underway at the northern end of Jomtien beach since earlier this month. According to the Pattaya Mail, Nong Nooch Land and Garden Design Co., a subsidiary of the popular tourist attraction a few kilometres south of Jomtien, will largely be in charge of the project.

Jomtien beach promenade under construction

Expected to last until March 2017, the project will eventually cover an area of 40,000 square metres with a length of more than three kilometres, starting from the Dongtan police box to the junction with Soi Chaiyapruek.

The Pattaya Mail reports that the ambitious project will include

resurfacing of sidewalks; planting trees; building sports, recreation, water amusements; adding a playground, public rest area, and a viewpoint. There will be a beach volleyball court with grandstands on two sides, four-meter-wide stairs running down to the beach and a tiled beach footpath.
In addition, new parking facilities, public restrooms, a police substation, and other facilities will be constructed.

new jomtien beach 2017 (3)

While the project doesn’t exactly knock our socks off we have no doubt that, as “officials promise”, Jomtien Beach will look somewhat more attractive and Miami-style once the facelift has been completed. That’s not the issue.
The real problem is: How will it look two or three years later?
Thais are full of brilliant ideas and can even put some into action. Just maintenance (think of roads, for example), providence, and a sense of sustainability are unfortunately not their strongest points.

Here are a few more renderings of what the Jomtien beach promenade area may look like in 2017:

new jomtien beach 2017 (4)

new jomtien beach 2017 (7)

new jomtien beach 2017

new jomtien beach 2017 (2)

new jomtien beach 2017 (6)

new jomtien beach 2017 (8)

new jomtien beach 2017 (10)

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