Jomtien Bar Girl Kidnapped from Rompho Bar Complex

Jomtien Bar Girl Kidnapped from Rompho Bar Complex

In the early hours of Wednesday, a 30-year-old bar worker identified only as Mrs Pao was abducted from her bar by five Thai men who forced her into a minivan and sped off with her.
The incident happened at 3.30 a.m. at Champions Bar in the Rompho bar complex off Jomtien Second Road. It is assumed that the kidnapping is related to some kind of problem the abducted woman had with her previous boss – the unidentified owner of another bar where she used to work previously.
Since her forced disappearance, Mrs Pao has not been seen or heard of by her friends.

A friend of your webmaster who happened to be at Champions Bar at the time of the kidnapping told us that a colleague of the abducted lady told him that Mrs Pao had previously worked at “another bar” where she ran into some kind of problems with the (Thai?) owner.
After quitting her job at the unknown bar, or perhaps simply running away, the owner of her former workplace continued to threaten her with physical harm, repeatedly urging Mrs Pao to return to work at his venue.
It was suggested that Mrs Pao’s problems with her former boss may have been debt-related, i.e. she had to work off a debt by working at his bar. PDN, on the other hand, quote a co-worker as saying that Mrs Pao had had a “problem” of unknown nature with the son of the owner of her previous workplace.

Prior to the kidnapping, Mrs Pao had again received a phone call from her former boss, in which the unidentified man threatened her again. Minutes later, our friend told us, a minivan stopped outside Champions Bar and five Thai men walked into the venue, forcibly taking Mrs Pao out of the bar and pushing her into the minivan before speeding off into the night.
Although the police were alerted immediately and roadblocks set up in the area, the minivan with a Bangkok number plate has so far not been found and concerned friends of the young lady have been unable to contact their abducted colleague.

UPDATE – The girl actually returned to Champions Bar the following day (as safe and sound as usual) and just said there hadn’t been much of a problem. Much ado about nothing it seems. T.I.T.

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