Japanese Tourist Claims Rape by Koh Larn Jet Ski Operator


A Japanese tourist claims she was raped by a jet ski operator on Koh Larn off the coast of Pattaya on Saturday. The Thai suspect, on the other hand, who was arrested at his home a day later, confessed to having sex with the woman but insists it had been “consensual.”

According to reports, the unnamed woman told police she had gone on a day trip to Koh Larn on Saturday and rented a jet ski from the 34-year-old man.
After they had chatted for a while and become friendly with each other they had then gone on a motorcycle trip around the island, having food and drinks in a number of bars and spending the entire day together.
While the Japanese tourist alleges she was “raped” by the man in the early evening, the suspect told police they had both become drunk over the course of the day and eventually stopped at a room by the roadside where they slept with each other.
He asserts that the woman “agreed” to have sex with him and denies raping the foreign tourist. The 34-year-old also said he would fight the charges in court.

Source: Thairath

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