Japanese Man Attempts Suicide By Hanging in East Pattaya

A 40 year-old Japanese tourist and alleged firefighter reportedly attempted to hang himself with a computer cable at a private home off Soi Khao Noi in East Pattaya Tuesday morning. Fortunately, Mr. Shuichiro Hirata was found in time and could be brought back to life by medics. The Japanese is currently in ICU in a critical condition.
His 39-year-old Thai girlfriend and owner of the house told police that Mr. Hirata came to visit her in Thailand regularly. Pattaya One reports that “she discovered him hanging from a wooden partition at the rear of the house in the kitchen area” just before 7 a.m. and luckily managed to “remove the cable from around his neck” before alerting rescue services.
Mr. Hirata was reportedly having unspecified problems “in Japan which required him to make regular telephone calls to his mother.”Although his girlfriend didn’t know any details of the conversations between her boyfriend and his mother she “assumes the apparent suicide attempt was made as a result of these calls”.

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