Italian Expat Drugged, Robbed by Foreigner in Pattaya

Italian drugged and robbed by foreigner in Pattaya

A 44-year-old Italian national who claimed he was previously cheated out of a two-million Baht investment in an unidentified “entertainment business” in Pattaya filed a report at the police station early on Wednesday, accusing another foreigner of drugging and robbing him of 600,000 Baht plus a “designer watch” worth another 150,000 Baht in the late hours of Tuesday.
The other foreigner had reportedly claimed he could help the Italian victim retrieve his lost investment, and the 600,000 Baht were meant to be “police fees” for securing the Boys in Brown’s assistance in recovering the victim’s lost money.

The unidentified man is accused of drugging the victim in his car as he was giving him a lift to the police station and offering him a bottle of apparently spiked water before robbing him of his belongings and dumping him on Pattaya beach (where the victim claims he woke up sometime later.)
Based on reports in the local media this is pretty much all we know “for a fact.” Otherwise the various versions we’ve got of this bizarre story differ from each other in a number of aspects.

  1. Both the Bangkok Post and Pattaya One agree that the victim was a 44-year-old Italian man who had invested some two million Baht in an unnamed “entertainment business” in Pattaya and was somehow cheated out of his investment. But while the Bangkok Post name the victim as “Luga Viggiani,” Pattaya One identify him as a Mr “Vick Geneva”. (We’d guess the man’s real name is something like Luca Viggiani or so.)
  2. It’s unclear whether the Italian victim invested into the said entertainment business with unidentified “local partners” or other foreigners of unknown nationality. It also remains unclear whether the foreigner accused of drugging and robbing the victim was a partner in that business himself or not.
  3. While one report names the alleged culprit as just “another man,” the other report identifies him as a British national (sic) known as Mr Asaf or Singh. It remains unclear though whether Mr Asaf was also involved in the said entertainment business, or whether he simply tried to “help” the Italian man get his money back.
    The role the police (or alleged police contacts) played in the whole story is equally uncertain.

What remains is “just another Farang” who wasted his money on a nightlife-related business in Pattaya and got cheated a) by his (foreign or non-foreign) business partners and b) by another non-Thai creature (British, Indian or whatever) who claimed he could help him get his money back just to cheat him out of some more.
This is Pattaya, unfortunately.

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