Body of Irishman Found Floating in Sea off Pattaya

Pattaya bay after dark

The body of an unnamed 50-year-old Irish national was found floating face-down in the sea about one kilometre off the coast of Pattaya Monday morning.
According to the Bangkok Post, the foreigner was wearing only shorts and was identified through a passport he carried in his pants pocket.
While police found no signs of foul play on the body and initially suspected that the man had drowned while swimming in the sea, an autopsy is expected to determine the exact cause of the foreigner’s death. One detail that obviously remains dodgy about this “death by drowning” case is that the victim actually carried his passport on him when he went for a swim (as police assume he did.)

UPDATEPattaya One News identify the victim as a “British national” named as Mr. Jeffrey Carl Hewitt.

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