Iranian Pickpocket Caught on Pattaya Baht Bus

Iranian pickpocket caught on Baht bus

So now it’s not just ladyboy pickpockets on Beach Road or groups of women with kids and babies sitting next to you on a Baht bus that you may have to be aware of – there are also many foreign low-lives who may look like normal tourists but finance their stay in Pattaya by means of petty or not so petty crime.
Now a 52-year-old Iranian male identified as Mohamed Yazid Kherrab was arrested for attempting to pickpocket a Belgian tourist who was traveling on a Baht bus.
Fortunately, the would-be thief was caught in the act by an eyewitness and was soon detained by locals who handed him over to police.

Pattaya Daily News quote the eyewitness, a 37-year-old Thai man, as telling investigators he had been traveling on the same Baht bus as the Belgian tourist when

the thief got on and stood beside the victim. Later he spotted that he tried to steal [the] wallet of the victim so he shouted out loud before [the] Iranian tried to escape but he was caught by local people.

Initially the Iranian suspect denied the allegations made against him. But as he closely resembles another foreign male who was recently spotted on security camera images attempting to pickpocket another foreign victim in an undisclosed location in South Pattaya it is unlikely police will buy into his story.

Source/image credit: Pattaya Daily News

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