Indian Tourist Robbed by Ladyboy Pickpockets on Walking Street

Indian tourist robbed by ladyboy pickpockets on Walking Street

A 34-year-old Indian tourist had his gold necklace snatched by two ladyboy pickpockets on Walking Street in the early hours of Wednesday..
The robbery followed the usual script: Ladyboys chat Indian tourist up and distract him by hugging him etc.; Indian tourist walks on and notices only minutes later that his necklace is no longer hanging around his neck.
The necklace had an estimated value of 50,000 Baht, the victim told police.

Pattaya One report that the foreigner had been

strolling along the street [when] he was approached and hassled by two ladyboys who began touching and provoking him.
He says he remained calm and laughed the incident off until he later realised his white-gold necklace was missing.

What can we say? In general, Pattaya is a safe place, i.e. if you follow some basic rules. One of these rules is not to wear expensive gold necklaces or carry unnecessarily large amounts of cash with you after dark. Better stay clear of ladyboys too, i.e. unless that’s your kind of thing. That’s probably the same in London, Paris or Calcutta.
Having said that, some folks never seem to learn.

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