Indian Tourist Robbed by Knife-Wielding Thai Women on Motorbike

Jomtien Beach Road at sunset

An Indian tourist in Pattaya was reportedly robbed off over 15,000 Baht by two Thai women riding a motorcycle in the early hours of Sunday. Incidentally, the robbery occurred on Soi 9 off Pattaya Beach Road just behind the local police station.
But what makes this case even more unusual than the oddish scene of the crime is that this wasn’t just a routine snatch-and-grab theft (these occur all too regularly on the streets of Pattaya) but the women allegedly threatened their victim with a knife.

The 49-year-old Indian businessman told police that at around 1.30 a.m. on Sunday morning he and an Indian friend had been walking down Soi 9 when suddenly two “women” (we assume they could have been ladyboys as well?) drove up to the tourists on a motorcycle, threatened him with a knife and robbed him of Thai currency, Indian Rupees and US dollars worth more than 15,000 Baht.
They allegedly also took “some important documents” with them before speeding off into the night.
What makes this case dodgy (and possibly suggests an insurance scam?) is that not only the police failed to track down the two women but that security camera footage “revealed no traces of the alleged robbers” either.
Otherwise this would be the first time we’ve heard of knife-wielding female robbers cruising the nocturnal streets of Pattaya on a motorcycle.

UPDATE – Police have eventually managed to identify and track down the two suspects through security camera images and charged them with armed robbery. As it turns out, one of the 22-year-old junior gangsters was in fact a ladyboy as we suggested.
Interestingly however, the ladyboy (he was apparently the main culprit while the lady was “only” the driver) claims he hadn’t threatened the foreigners with a knife but simply pickpocketed the men while hugging them (which is actually the “more traditional” approach to robbing foreign tourists by night.)
It remains somewhat unclear whether the Indians just made up the “threatened with a knife” part of the story (perhaps they felt embarrassed over the incident and just invented the knife) or whether the ladyboy was indeed carrying a knife (which we doubt.)

Source: Bangkok Post, Pattaya One

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