Indian Tourist Catches Ladyboy Necklace Thief on Beach Road


A young Indian tourist had a 40,000-Baht gold necklace snatched from around his neck by a three-man ladyboy gang on Pattaya beach late Friday night. Chasing the three culprits the 24-year-old tourist managed to catch one of them, however he wasn’t able to retrieve his necklace.

According to Pattaya One News, the incident happened at around 3 a.m. opposite the entrance to Soi 13/1 along the Pattaya beach promenade where the Indian man says he was “confronted by three [ladyboys], two of whom held his arms whilst the third stole his gold.”
As soon as he noticed that his necklace was missing he ran after the three-man ladyboy gang. When they split up though and ran into different directions he had to decide to chase only one of them.
With the help of a couple of Thais and Western tourists he eventually manage to detain the katoey. Unfortunately though for the victim, it was not the one who had snatched his necklace.
Funnily, the ladyboy also denied he and his two mates operated as a gang but insisted “the other two had only been hired to create a distraction and would be paid later.” Nonetheless he claimed he didn’t know their names or how they could be contacted.

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