Hong Kong Tourist Robbed by Two Women in Pattaya


A 45-year-old tourist from Hong Kong claims he had his wallet snatched by two Thai women on a motorcycle as he was walking back back to his hotel in Central Pattaya Sunday night. The possibility that they may have been so-called “women of the second category” a.k.a. ladyboys can obviously not be ruled out.

The tourist told police through a translator he had been on his way back to the Grand Bella Hotel on Pattaya Klang Soi 15 at around 11 p.m. Sunday night when he was suddenly approached by (what he thought were) two Thai women riding a white Honda Wave motorcycle.
As usual, Pattaya One report, the two creatures invited the tourist to join them for a “short time” in their room, which he declined. However, before they sped off into the night, he claims that one of the suspects snatched his wallet containing the equivalent of 30,000 Baht mostly in foreign currency from his back pocket.

He conceded he fell for the distraction scam even though “he had been previously warned about snatch robberies in Pattaya.”
As usual, all the police can do now is examine CCTV footage in the area in an attempt to identify and arrest the two suspects.

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