Health Care in Pattaya – Hospitals & Clinics

Health care in Pattaya, same as in other popular Thai tourist destinations, isn’t only generally excellent but, most importantly, also inexpensive. Prices for, e.g., eye surgery, dental care or cosmetic surgery, are just a fraction of what clinics would charge in your home country. Little surprisingly, many tourists undergo medical procedures as part of their visit to Pattaya.

Health Care in Pattaya – An Overview

Pattaya currently has five hospitals, two state-run and three private hospitals. While they all provide modern facilities, prices for services and the quality thereof vary widely. The state-run Banglamung Hospital in Naklua may be the cheapest by far but, not just to avoid language barriers, it’s surely more convenient for tourists and expats to use the services of Pattaya’s excellent private hospitals or the (equally inexpensive and reputable) new state-run Pattaya City Hospital on Soi Buakhao.
The Pattaya International Hospital and Bangkok Hospital Pattaya may be considerably more expensive but provide excellent medical care services for foreign patients; with a full range of advanced medical facilities, attractive health care packages and no disturbing language barriers between patients, doctors and nurses. At the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, for example, they even speak more than 20 languages, which may be helpful if you can’t speak any Thai and/or English is not your native language.
The relatively new Pattaya City Hospital opened only in 2013 and is centrally located on Soi Buakhao, just a few hundred meters from the intersection with Soi Diana and Soi Lengkee. As a public facility, the state-run hospital promises the lowest prices for tourists and has quickly gained a good reputation among expats, who don’t have a prime health insurance plan and don’t want to pay double the prices or more than the locals.

Private health care clinics and doctor’s offices can be found all over Pattaya and Jomtien. While prices are generally cheap, service standards vary widely and the licensing regulations seem to be rather lax. Especially as a foreign visitor and without any knowledge of Thai language, it may be wise to consult a general practitioner who is able to speak at least some English or another foreign language, not just Thai.
For minor medical problems you shouldn’t even have to use the services of a medical clinic or a doctor. There are hundreds of pharmacies all over Pattaya that all provide excellent service. Most medication is prescription-free, so if you simply explain to the pharmacist what your problem is and what medication you need, he should readily provide you with the proper drugs. Even though many of the drugs and medications available in your home country may not be available in Thailand, there are always equivalent drugs available at a fraction of prices you would have to pay back home.

Dental care in Pattaya is generally excellent. Dentists are friendly – and their services extremely cheap. There are now hundreds of dental clinics to choose from in Pattaya, all equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and providing inexpensive yet first-class services. In fact, many dentists have studied abroad and speak relatively decent English. Prices for tooth extraction start at approx. 500 Baht; teeth cleaning can be as cheap as 500 Baht and shouldn’t exceed 1,000 Baht. Laser tooth whitening, crowns or dental implants also cost only a fraction of what you’d have to pay in a Western country.
Opticians, often incorporated into larger chains of optical centers, can also be found abundantly all over Pattaya and Jomtien. Most of them offer free eye tests and quality workmanship at reasonable prices. Cheap reading glasses are also available at small market stalls.

When abroad, the last thing you might want to worry about is paying for your medical expenses and associated costs. It is therefore highly recommended that before going on a vacation or moving to Thailand permanently you sign up for an adequate health or travel insurance and check with the insurance provider that you will be able to claim reimbursement in your home country. Please also note that many hospitals won’t serve or accommodate you if you cannot pay for their services in cash.

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Hospitals in Pattaya

  • Banglamung Hospital
    669 Moo 5 Sawang Fa Road (Soi 3), Naklua. Tel. 038-411 511-2
  • Bangkok Hospital Pattaya
    Sukhumvit Road, near the junction with North Pattaya Road. Tel. 038-259 999, Hotline 1719
  • Pattaya City Hospital
    Soi Buakhao, South Pattaya. Tel. 038-420 823, 038-420 562
  • Pattaya Memorial Hospital
    Central Pattaya Road (Pattaya Klang), near Pattaya Second Road. Tel. 038-488 477
  • Pattaya International Hospital
    Pattaya Soi 4, off Pattaya Second Road. Tel. 038-428 374

Hospitals Near Pattaya (Chonburi province)

Medical Clinics in Pattaya

  • Chanya Clinic Jomtien
    481/10-11 Thappraya Road (near the Hanuman statue), Jomtien
  • Dr. Jomtien Clinic
    131/60-61 Soi Chaiyapruek, just off Jomtien Beach Road
  • Dr. Olivier Clinic
    20/29 Soi Boutique City Hotel (Soi Day-Night), South Pattaya Road
    Tel. 038-723 600, 038-723 590, Emergency 086-827 6922
    Dr. Olivier Meyer, your multilingual doctor in Pattaya, speaks English, French and German.
  • Dr. Sawaddipong Clinic
    20/1 Pratamnak Road, South Pattaya

Dental Clinics in Pattaya

Eye Surgery, Lasik (Laser) Eye Treatment

Beauty Clinics & Related Health Care Links

  • APEX Profound Beauty
    Aesthetic clinic for skin & body
    Central Pattaya Road/Pattaya Klang (across from Big C Extra), Tel. 033-672 688
  • Pattaya Royal Beauty Clinic
    206/20-21 Soi Town in Town Hotel, Central Pattaya Road (Pattaya Klang), Tel. 038-410 062
  • Thonglor Clinic Pattaya
    306/92-93 Thappraya Road, Jomtien. Tel. 038-252 055
    This self-proclaimed “forever young” beauty clinic uses the latest technologies to restore the body and face in their ongoing battle against time. Services include plastic surgery, sex reassignment, Botox injections and laser treatment.

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  1. I have a cataract in my left eye and would like to know the cost of surgery at Banglamung hospital. I am living in the Philippines at the moment but have a knowledge of the Thai language,which I need to brush up on. I would like to move to Pattaya as I have many friends there. I am 74 years old,but am in very good health.

    • Sorry Billy, I’ve got no idea how much an operation like that would cost at Banglamung Hospital. But I’ve got a friend who lives here and actually went back to the UK for his cataract surgery. If it’s got to be in Thailand I don’t think either that Banglamung Hospital would be the best place to have a surgery like that done?

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