Half-Naked Farang Caught Running Across Roofs in Pattaya

Half-Naked Farang Caught Running Across Roofs in Pattaya

Brits abroad do have a certain reputation which may or may not be justified. Now an apparently intoxicated and half naked foreigner, believed to be a British national, was caught and tied up by locals in Central Pattaya after he went on a drunk rampage and ran across the roofs of their homes Tuesday night wearing only his boxer shorts and shouting incoherently.

According to a video report by Thai Channel 8 and translated by Thaivisa.com, the unidentified Farang had been “shouting incoherently as he ran from roof to roof” just after midnight. (Please scroll down for the clip.)
Locals eventually detained the man and tied him up by his hands and feet until police arrived on the scene and poured water over his head in a futile attempt to calm the madman down. The suspected Brit would neither identify himself nor explain his bizarre mission to officers.
Police suggested that the man was drunk and may have been partying hard on Walking Street before “getting lost trying to find his way home.”

Well, if Thai police believe that having one over the eight is reason enough for a Farang to climb onto other people’s roofs wearing nothing but underwear and a shirt and shouting some incoherent stuff this obviously tells a lot about how Thais in general may view us.
This sentiment is reflected by an eyewitness who poses a fair question in the video report:  “Why are foreigners so crazy? We see them do so many crazy things. Are they like this in their own country?”

Unfortunately, the leading actor may never be able to tell us either whether or not that’s his usual behaviour after a night on the town in his home country.
All we know is that officers threw the shackled Farang on the back of a police truck, locked him up for a night at the station but were still unable to identify the man or actually talk to him by Wednesday morning.
It also remains unclear whether any legal charges were laid against the farang kee mao (perhaps a drug test may have been justified) or if police let him walk away scot-free after he had sobered up sufficiently.

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