German Tourist Catches Ladyboy Pickpocket on Baht Bus

German Tourist Catches Ladyboy Pickpocket on Baht Bus

An alert German tourist made a citizen’s arrest Tuesday night after he caught a ladyboy pickpocket red-handed on a Baht bus in Pattaya.
The elderly katoey had reportedly moved closer and closer on the Baht bus, slipped his/her hand into the foreigner’s pocket and nicked 1,220 Baht when the 59-year-old German noticed what was going on and restrained the culprit.

According to Pattaya One, Mr Thomas Broschart was on his way back to his hotel in North Pattaya when the Baht bus he was riding on stopped and picked up the 50-year-old ladyboy.
As the journey continued, the katoey reportedly moved closer and closer to the foreigner:

But the game German noticed that the ladyboy had lifted some money from his pocket and he grabbed the man’s arm and held on tight.
He then notified the cops.
The lady boy […] was still under arrest when the cops arrived at the Dolphin Roundabout.

Not only was the ladyboy arrested and charged with night-time theft (carries a higher maximum penalty), the 1,220 Baht he had stolen from the German tourist’s pocket could also be recovered and returned to their rightful owner.

Source, image credit: Chonburi News via Pattaya One

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