German Grab-And-Snatch Victim in Full View of Police Checkpoint

Busy Pattaya police officer

A 56-year-old German national identified only as Mr Jochen had his bag stolen by a motorbike grab-and-snatch thief after he had gone for an early-morning walk, as it seems, somewhere on the “dark side” in East Pattaya.
The incident occurred at around 4 a.m. Friday morning and in full view of a police checkpoint, with the officers manning the night-time checkpoint apparently all being too busy watching videos on their phones the traffic go by and claiming they hadn’t seen anything of the robbery right in front of them.

Pattaya One reports that Mr Jochen was just walking past the checkpoint when a motorcycle snatch-and-grab thief (apparently wearing a safety helmet, so police saw no point in stopping the man) pulled up alongside him, snatched his bag and sped off into the night.
While the three wise monkeys manning the checkpoint (you know, see no evil, hear no evil etc.) saw nothing of the crime right in front of their eyes, only a 40-year-old motorbike taxi driver gave chase to the fleeing culprit but was soon outdistanced. (Luckily he wasn’t charged with speeding.)
Fortunately Mr Jochen didn’t have to walk very far (actually not at all) to report the theft of his bag containing an iPhone 5, 1,500 Baht in cash and a number of identity papers.
If the diligent officers manning the checkpoint will now use CCTV footage to catch the culprit they had had in front of their very eyes they’ll be heroes and deserve a reward, won’t they?

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