German Falls to Death from Jomtien Condominium

German Falls to Death from Pattaya condominiumA 73-year-old German expat apparently jumped to his death from the eighth floor of the View Talay 3 Condominium on Jomtien beach late Saturday night.
The unnamed foreigner’s naked body was found by a security guard lying in the compound of the condominium complex at about 3 a.m. The elderly German was known to be living in a room on the eighth floor of the 20-storey Building A.
Police said they found found “no signs of a struggle or foul play” on the elderly man’s body. Searching the foreigner’s room, police however discovered broken pieces of the victim’s mobile phone on the room floor.
According to the Bangkok Post, investigators now suspect that

the man may have had a heated argument with someone on the phone before he hurled it on the floor and committed suicide by jumping to his death.

Pattaya One News identify the alleged jumper as Mr. Alexander Minor and report that he

appears to have fallen from his 8th floor balcony. It is thought he first hit a parked Honda Civic and then bounced off onto the road next to the vehicle.

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