German Dies on Jomtien Street As Locals Assume He’s Just Drunk


A 57-year-old German expat who had only recently moved to Pattaya and was known to be a heavy drinker died next to the Mae La-O market on Soi Wat Boon in Jomtien Tuesday night after he had collapsed to the ground at around midnight.
Locals assumed the foreign man was just drunk when, in fact, he wasn’t just intoxicated (his landlord actually confirmed to us he had been drinking heavily since early Tuesday evening) but also suffered from asthma and had apparently had a fatal attack.

Mr Frank Breiter was found lying outside a pharmacy next to the market at around 3.30 p.m. when he had been dead for approximately three hours already.
He appeared to have been foaming at the mouth and carried an empty bottle of asthma spray in his pockets, leading investigators to believe he suffered a fatal attack after he had “gone to the pharmacy to buy more asthma spray only to find it closed.”

According to Pattaya One, a food vendor who operates a stall opposite the market had seen the German man at around midnight “hanging onto the railing [surrounding the market area] as though he was drunk.”
She admitted she actually saw him collapse on the ground but

assumed he was drunk and left him there. It was only when she was packing up for the night that she went across to try and wake him, only to realize he was dead.

Unfortunately, it will never be known whether Mr Breiter’s life could have been saved or not if the food vendor or other locals who must have seen the German man lying on the ground had checked on him as soon as he collapsed and called an ambulance.

An autopsy will now be performed on the body to establish the real cause of death. As we understand, the body will then be repatriated to Germany.

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