Frenchmen Nabbed for Running Fake Euro Mail Order Business

Three Frenchmen, aged 28, 30 and 31, were arrested at a rented house on Soi Khaotalo in East Pattaya Friday for running a counterfeit Euro mail order business and sending fake 50 Euro notes to customers around the world. The arrests followed an alert by the French embassy that police in France had intercepted 30 envelopes containing more than a hundred fake 50 euro notes, which had been sent to France from a post office in Pattaya.
According to reports by Pattaya One and PDN, police confiscated various pieces of evidence in the rented house occupied by the Frenchmen, including computers, printers, counterfeit detector machines, special paper, holograms, a banknote dryer, and counterfeit notes totaling 5,250 Euros packed in envelopes containing cartoon books.
The gang had reportedly traveled to Thailand only two months ago and had “learned from the Internet” how to produce counterfeit banknotes. They opted for 50 Euro notes as they “appeared to be the easiest to copy”.
The three men were reportedly earning about one million Baht per month from their mail order business and had reportedly also set up a website to attract customers.
PDN reports that they would sell “five 50 Euro bank notes for 89 Euros, 10 bank notes for 170 Euros, 50 bank notes for 800 Euros and 100 bank notes for 1,550 Euros.” They would hide the fake banknotes between cartoon books and send the envelopes to customers in France, Spain, Austria, Ireland, Canada, Germany and Greece.

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