Finnish Tourist Hit Over Head by Ladyboy Over Unpaid Bar Bill

Kings Bar Soi 8 PattayaA 53-year-old Finnish tourist who had obviously “forgotten” to pay a bill of 79 Baht for a bottle of beer at Kings Bar on Soi 8 in Pattaya, was struck over his head by a ladyboy armed with a stiletto late Monday night.
It appears that after the foreigner, named as Mr. Jouko Juhani Salminen, had left the popular ladyboy bar without paying his bill a female bar worker chased after the Finnish man and spotted him standing next to a random katoey who was just buying some food from a street vendor.
For some reason, the bar worker assumed that the 34-year-old ladyboy and the Finnish tourist were a couple and asked the ladyboy to pay the 79 Baht bill left behind by Mr. Salminen.
According to Pattaya One News, however, the ladyboy

claimed he did not know the Finnish man and entered into a fight with the bar worker.

Moments later the situation became calm and both the bar worker and the ladyboy then turned their attention to Mr. Salminen who was then approached by them.

Another fight began, during which time the ladyboy claimed to have been struck twice in the face. In retaliation, the ladyboy confessed to striking the tourist over the head with his high-heeled shoe, causing a head injury to the foreign man.

While it appears that no one was charged over the incident we hope that Mr. Salminen – whose own stupidity is to blame for his well-deserved head injury – eventually paid his 2 Euro bill?

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