Finnish Tourist Beaten Up By Britons in Jomtien Bar Complex

Party Girls bar Rompho complexA drunk Finnish tourist was beaten up by four Britons in front of “Party Girl’s” bar in the Rompho market complex on Jomtien Second Road late Sunday night. While the 40-year-old victim suffered “head injuries and a wound on the right elbow”, an unidentified and equally intoxicated British tourist was later arrested over the incident.
According to the victim, he was assaulted by the four Britons after he had been drinking in the popular bar earlier on Sunday night.
Bar patrons and staff, however, told police that the Finnish man had already been arguing with a group of British tourists before he left the bar sometime after 2 a.m. reports:
The Finnish [man] later returned to bar with a knife and the two sides quarreled again, resulting in a brawl.
As witnesses stepped in to stop the brawl, the four Britons reportedly fled the scene. One of the group was later caught by police and admitted that he had engaged in the brawl but denied assaulting the Finnish tourist.
As investigations into what led to the bar brawl are obviously still continuing, police also recovered the knife the Finnish tourist had brought into the bar and kept it as evidence.

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