Farang Battered in LK Metro A-GoGo Bar for ‘Not Paying Bill’

GoGo bars on Soi LK Metro

An unidentified foreigner of unknown nationality was beaten up at the Showgirls A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro in the wee hours of Tuesday after he allegedly refused to pay a bill of over 4,000 Baht. He suffered a number of facial injuries in the attack that staff at the bar claim were inflicted by other guests at the venue.
According to a report by Pattaya One, staff at the GoGo bar claim the foreigner in his Thirties had been drinking in the bar for a couple of hours,

run up a bill of 4,130 baht and refused to pay it. They said nobody working at the venue was involved and that he had been beaten by other guests.

Little surprisingly, police did not quite believe this story and demanded to see CCTV footage of the incident “only to be told the cameras were not working.” As the bar was still open at 4 a.m. though the manager was charged with operating after the legally permitted opening hours and the bar faces, in theory, a five-year closure.
With no evidence against staff members, however, no one was arrested over the assault.

The injured foreigner was taken to hospital for treatment, however, as Pattaya One add,

quickly discharged himself after being told that this particular venue has a record of beating up guests and he feared somebody would turn up to look for him in the emergency room.

He declined to be interviewed or to identify himself, probably wisely.

We can neither confirm nor rebut these allegations (perhaps some of our readers can?) nor is there actual proof the injured Farang’s drinks bill had not been tampered with.

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