Farang Goes Down on Soi 6 Bar Girl in Public (Video)

Farang Goes Down on Bar Girl in Soi 6 Songkran Party

It’s Songkran 2016, you’re right in the middle of the water-splashing mayhem outside a random bar on Soi 6 and have completely forgotten the world around you. After all you’ve left your brain at the airport as you knew you wouldn’t use it in Pattaya anyway.
Now you’re drunk, a bit horny and stupid. What would you do if you found an equally intoxicated, dumb and unrestrained bar girl and felt like sticking your nose where thousands of other punters have dumped their load before?
a) Take her back to your room and kin hoy (Thai slang for “cunnilingus”) behind closed doors, or b) go down on her in broad daylight in front of hundreds of party people on Soi 6?
If your answer to this question is b) be advised that you and your Songkran darling might soon find themselves not just all over YouTube, Facebook etc. but not much later also at the police station where the Boys in Brown won’t just read you the riot act but also fine you a few hundred Baht each.
The couple in the short clip below (obviously taken on Soi 6 in the last couple of days) had to learn their lesson the hard way. For an uncensored version of the clip go here. Several updates below the embedded video.

UPDATEPattaya One have a few more details on the Farang and the bikini-clad Thai girl seen in the viral clip who were both apprehended by police on Saturday, a day after the “indecent exposure” on Soi 6.
While the receiver of the cunnilingus was identified as a 20-year-old Thai lady from Bangkok working in the unnamed bar, the foreign performer has been named as Mr. Ben Bartanui, a 48-year-old American national and regular at the venue.
Young Miss “Netnapa” apologized for her indecent behaviour and insisted that Mr Ben and her had been “both completely drunk” when the inappropriate act “happened spontaneously and unintentionally.” (We guess most readers suspected already that they hadn’t planned the performance a week in advance.) Mr Ben also blamed the alcohol for his inappropriate lust of the flesh and was reportedly “filled with regret” for not paying the girl’s bar fine first and getting it on with her in an upstairs room.
So what’s the bottom line? A few hundred Baht in fines for “indecent exposure” in public and a viral clip on the Internet. While having her name in the media is apparently quite a loss of face for the girl we have little doubt that Mr Ben will get over the episode soon and then just have another story to tell – and what a story that is!

UPDATE II – It seems that the girl actually filed the complaint against Mr Ben herself after she obviously sensed that the clip was causing quite an uproar on Thai social media and many users scorned her over her behaviour.
According to a report by Khaosod English, she made it sound almost like a rape attempt, explaining she was “too intoxicated to fend off the tourist who forced her down and performed oral sex on her” and that her colleagues had to literally “rescue” her from the man (a regular at the bar who was probably familiar with the taste of her juices anyway?)
Granted, if you watch the video it’s certainly true that Mr Ben only managed to control his tongue after her colleagues in the bar interfered. Then again, the young lady (who is obviously trying to “save her face” now) hardly made a serious effort to fend Mr Ben off herself. If it hadn’t been for the viral clip and the unwanted social media hype lets assume she would have probably been OK with it (perhaps even enjoyed it) and forgotten about the incident less than 10 minutes later. After all, this is Soi 6 and bars here are basically brothels.

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