Elderly Swedish Expat Severely Injured in Motorbike Crash

Sukhumvit Road North PattayaA 74-year-old and possibly drunk Swedish expat was severely injured on Sukhumvit Road in North Pattaya after he crashed his motorcycle into the side of a Jeep Cherokee on Wednesday afternoon.
The elderly foreigner was thrown off his bike and slid across the carriageway where he slammed into another car that had been parked at the roadside. He was named as Mr.Bjoern Olov Leonard Johan, a 74-year-old Swedish retiree.
According to police reports, the Mr. Bjoern appeared to have a “strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from him” and suffered a broken leg, severe facial injuries and bruising, along with possible internal injuries, in the crash near a PTT petrol station.
Pattaya One reports that paramedics quickly took him to hospital where he is recovering from his injuries. It is not known whether the “victim” was also tested for alcohol.
The driver of the Jeep Cherokee, a 66-year-old American national, told police he had been

driving in the right hand lane from and saw the motorbike of [Mr. Bjoern] in the left-hand lane. He was seen to move urgently over to the right lane and struck the side of [the American’s] Jeep with such force he was thrown back over to the left side of the carriageway.

Police continue to investigate the crash and have not laid charges against either party yet. Let’s just say that Mr. Bjoern, whether drunk or not drunk, was extremely lucky that when he slid across the road there was no car or truck driving right behind him that could have run over and killed him.

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