Elderly German Woman ‘Jumps’ to Death From Jomtien Condo

A 75-year-old German woman, whose husband was “living with his Thai wife”, allegedly jumped to her death Friday morning from the 5th floor of the Majestic Condominium on Soi Wat Boon in Jomtien. The elderly woman’s body was discovered just before 9 a.m. on the ground floor behind the condominium complex, while her walking stick and glasses were found lying on the top floor of the building.
The story seems a bit fishy but is surely a human tragedy.
Pattaya One reports that her German husband, presumable of a similar age as the victim, “is now living with his Thai wife” who also “cared for the victim who had severe mobility issues and other medical problems. Earlier on Friday morning,” the middle-aged mia noi (Thai for “second wife”) told police, she “took food into the victim’s room and all appeared normal.” She claims she “left for work at 8.30am and then received a call that the elderly woman had committed suicide.”
While many questions remain unanswered and investigations into this tragic death continue, police are reportedly “confident this was a non-assisted suicide”.

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