Eight Russian Tourists Injured in Minivan Crash Near Pattaya

Russian tourists injured in minivan crash near Pattaya

Eight Russian tourists were slightly injured Tuesday evening when the minivan carrying them from Koh Chang to Pattaya crashed on highway 36 opposite the Bira racing circuit on the eastern outskirts of Pattaya.
The minivan reportedly overturned and plunged into a ditch in the middle of the road after the driver had lost control of the vehicle. As unfortunately usual in accidents like these, the driver did a runner after the crash.

The five Russian men and three women who had chartered the minivan to travel back from Koh Chang island to Pattaya were all in a state of shock but had luckily suffered only minor injuries and abrasions. They were given first aid by rescue workers and transferred to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital.
A 25-year-old passenger told the police that the minivan had suddenly started “wobbling” for unknown reasons, then overturned and plunged into the ditch just before midnight and shortly before their arrival in Pattaya. As locals rushed to their aid and called an ambulance for the injured tourists the minivan driver fled the scene.
Police are now trying to identify and track down the driver. If further investigations confirm that the accident was caused by negligence or reckless driving he shall be punished according to the law.

Source/image credit: Khaosod Breaking News

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