Dumped by Swiss Husband – Thai Wife Overdoses on Painkillers

TylenolFarangs jump from high-rise condominiums when their Thai girlfriends dump them in Pattaya. Thai women simply look for a new “sponsor” or revert to “selling pussy” in a bar when their foreign boyfriends leave them, don’t they?
A 32-year-old Thai girl has now turned these stereotypes inside out when she attempted to take her life by overdosing on pain relief tablets after her Swiss husband reportedly dumped her. The reasons for the breakup have not been revealed.

Pattaya One News report that the woman was found in a “semi-conscious state on the floor” of a house in Jomtien Wednesday afternoon and is reportedly in a “serious” condition. The jilted young lady, it appears, had “swallowed approximately 70 tablets” of Tylenol after sending her husband a text message announcing her plan to take her own life.
An overdose of Tylenol, a popular painkiller in Thailand and reportedly “a common choice in a suicide attempt”, can lead to acute liver failure and cause death.

Sad as it is, the message sent to her husband is the usual cry for help. What is rather unusual in this tragedy is that the woman had obviously given another advance warning Tuesday night when she filed a report at the Najomtien police station detailing that

she was having issues with her relationship which she thought was about to come to an end.

Police are no professional couples counselors and usually can’t be bothered to interfere in husband-wife problems. So little surprisingly, other than recording the woman’s report, the officers couldn’t help her but obviously sent her back home again.

On Wednesday, Pattaya One reports, the strained relationship with her Farang husband then “appeared to have ended” indeed, prompting the jilted woman to empty the medicine cabinet in her house and swallow dozens of pain relief tablets.
Thanks to the message sent to her husband, she was found just in time. And despite her condition being “described as serious”, doctors said the woman is “expected to make a full recovery”.

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