Drunk Farang Goes on Rampage on Soi Buakhao


An unidentified drunk foreigner was arrested and taken to hospital at about 6 a.m. Friday morning after the man had gone on a rampage in the area of Soi Buakhao damaging property and attacking other people.
The crackpot was first spotted outside the Siam Sawasdee Hotel at the corner of Soi Buakhao and Soi Honey. According to Pattaya One, the man “appeared to be in a manic state” and was bleeding heavily from a wound to his left wrist. Although his shirt was already covered in blood he was still “attempting to attack passers-by.”
When police officers were called to the scene and approached the Farang he ran into a parking area on the other side of Soi Buakhao, locked the gate and “continued to damage property” there.
As police failed to overpower the man he ran off into a nearby beer bar where he “again attacked customers.” It obviously took officers a while until they managed to subdue and arrest the crackpot.

Witnesses told police they had seen the unknown Farang the previous night drinking heavily in a nearby bar. In the morning, they said, he appeared on Soi Buakhao again, with his white shirt already covered in blood, and started going on a rampage in the area.
Pattaya Daily News describe the foreigner as a 40-year-old German; his identity and nationality have not been officially confirmed though.
While police are examining CCTV footage in the Soi Buakhao area in an attempt to establish what had caused the Farang to go on a rampage, the crackpot was taken to hospital to have his wounds treated and his state of mind examined. We would assume he had to undergo a drug test too?
As it appears, no charges have been laid against the madman yet. It is not known yet either how he sustained the wounds to his arm and whether or not they were self-inflicted.

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