Drunk Belgian Causes Road Crash, Gets Off Lightly

Anti-drink driving sticker on motorcycle in PattayaA drunk Belgian national who had apparently had one over the eight when he crashed his high-powered motorcycle into a row of parked bikes and a pick-up late Monday night got off relatively cheaply when he only had to pay for the damage caused to the vehicles.
The late-night crash reportedly occurred at the intersection of Soi Nernplabwaan and the road alongside the railway tracks in East Pattaya just after 2 a.m. early on Tuesday.
Pattaya One reports that the unnamed Belgian man had been

driving [his Honda Forza 300] at a very high rate of speed when he collided with the parked vehicles.

But the foreigner wasn’t just lucky to survive the high-speed collision with only some road burns to his left leg. He was even luckier to completely escape prosecution – despite police arriving at the crash site promptly.
Instead, Pattaya One notes, a simple

deal was struck where the man agreed to pay for all the damage caused to the parked vehicles, instead of being arrested for drunk driving.

No doubt, paying compensation for the damage caused to the vehicles will cost the Belgian quite a bit of cash. What’s still funny about this case though is that he was neither arrested for drunk driving as threatened before the New Year crackdown, nor were his motorcycle impounded or his driving license seized.
No, Mr. Lucky apparently completely escaped prosecution and didn’t even have to pay a fine … so here’s one question and one conclusion:

  1. What would have happened if the Belgian hadn’t crashed into a row of parked vehicles but instead run into a DUI checkpoint? He would have most likely not gotten off that cheaply (relatively speaking) but also have to pay a fine.
  2. It appears as though the laws on drunk driving are being enforced as selectively as the rule for motorcyclists to wear a crash helmet, i.e. only when police set up a dedicated “sobriety checkpoint” and have been charged with breathalyzing suspicious drivers. Law enforcement Thai-style …

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