Dead Ladyboy Found Under Hotel Bed on Soi Buakhao (Update)


Imagine you and your darling spend a night in a “short time” hotel room in Pattaya, unaware that the body of a murdered ladyboy has been hidden under the very bed you’re making love in. Nah, not a nice thought.
But an unidentified young couple now spent a few hours of intimacy at the Little Court Hotel on Soi Buakhao (a popular choice for “short time” escapades in the area) under exactly these creepy circumstances – in the company of a decomposing body rotting just under the mattress.

According to local media reports, the man and the woman (their nationalities are unknown but we assume they were Thai) checked into the room on the rooftop of the five-storey building late Friday afternoon but complained to hotel staff about a bad smell in the room.
A maid replied by spraying the room with air fresheners and the couple continued doing what they had come here for before checking out soon afterwards.
Only when a maid came to clean the room this morning she, too, noted the nasty smell but also blood seeping from under the bed. She immediately alerted the hotel manager who apparently sensed what the cause of the foul smell was and called the police to investigate.
Rescue workers eventually lifted the mattress and found the fully dressed body concealed under the bed.

All that is known about the victim is that it’s a ladyboy who the police believe has been killed three to four days prior to the body’s discovery. While an autopsy is expected to reveal the exact of death investigators suspect that the katoey was either strangled to death or hit with a hard object.
Hotel staff told police that two unnamed men had checked into the room on Tuesday and taken a transgender woman back to the hotel in the early hours of Thursday. The suspects reportedly checked out later that morning – obviously sans the ladyboy they had left under the bed.
The identities of the two murder suspects are reportedly known to the police but have not been revealed to the media yet.

UPDATE – Two Thai teenage boys, aged 14 and 17 years and allegedly with a history of assault-related crimes (yes, apparently the crème de la crème of their generation that the hopes of Thai society are pinned on), have been arrested over the murder less than 24 hours after the discovery of the body under the hotel bed.
According to Pattaya One, the two youngsters from Khorat province in the Northeast of the country had come to Pattaya to find work only recently and “befriended their victim on Facebook before meeting and taking him to their rented room” on Soi Buakhao.
Why they killed the 28-year-old ladyboy? Allegedly because he had “pressured them to have sex with him and so they strangled him to death.” Or that’s what they told the police after their arrest at a bus terminal in Chonburi Sunday morning.

Source/image credit: Khaosod, Pattaya One

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