Danish Man, 73, Arrested for Buying Sex From Underage Boy

Danish Man, 73, Arrested for Buying Sex From Underage Boy

Having sex with an underage person of whatever gender is technically illegal in Thailand, even if it’s consensual. A 73-year-old Danish man who should have obviously known better had to learn this lesson the hard way today when he was arrested at an unnamed bar in Pattaya at 11 a.m.
His crime? A paid sexual encounter with a 17-year-old Thai boy who had apparently told his parents or whoever about his brief affair with the elderly Farang.

According to The Nation, Mr Arne Nielsen is accused of “having allegedly lured [the unnamed] 17-year-old boy to have sex with him in exchange for Bt500 in cash.”

He was charged with coercing a boy under 18 years to have sex with him on January 20. The boy’s parents filed a complaint with a child protection foundation on Saturday, prompting police to obtain an arrest warrant against him.

It remains unknown how/where the Danish man got to know the young boy and whether the boy worked in a local gay bar or as a freelance sex worker, or if he was otherwise lured into having sex with the elderly (s)expat.

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