Cool Season to Last Longer This Year Than Usual in Thailand


To start with the good news: The cool season has now officially arrived in Thailand and has been forecast to last longer this year than usual, or so at least in the northern region. According to the meteorological department, it actually won’t end before sometime next February.
The bad news: Pattaya will still see occasional rainfall throughout November and temperatures won’t drop much before December.

The director-general of Thailand’s Meteorological Department told Thai PBS on Monday that the cold season had arrived unusually early this year and that temperatures in the North and Northeast of the kingdom had already dropped significantly since last weekend.
In the rest of the country, temperatures would also gradually drop during November and not rise again before February.

While a cold spell has already hit high-lying areas in the northern and north-eastern regions since last weekend, Bangkok and the eastern seaboard, where Pattaya is also located, will however still see occasional rainfall (and possibly flooding?) throughout this month and have to wait until December for winter to arrive.
From December to February, minimum temperatures in Bangkok (and presumably Pattaya too) are expected to drop to 15-16 °C in the early morning hours – a welcome change from the heat and humidity of the bygone hot and rainy season, many expats will probably say.
Although the cold spell would last longer this year than usual, the meteorologists have however denied rumours that this year’s cool season would be the coldest in a decade in Thailand.

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