Chinese Tourist’s 100,000 Baht Gold Necklace Snatched

Baht bus taxi in Pattaya

Who says Chinese tourists visiting Pattaya haven’t got money to spend? To judge only from recent crime stories where growing numbers of new-rich Chinese tourists have expensive gold necklaces snatched from around their necks it seems they’ve at least got money to show off.
Here’s another fine example of a young Chinese tourist who thinks that wearing a heavy gold necklace worth a whopping 100,000 Baht is just the normal thing to do when you travel on a Baht bus with your Chinese tour group going out for a night on the town.

28-year-old Mr Shang Hai Feng had reportedly just arrived in Pattaya for a two-day visit with the other members of his group on Saturday. As night fell the group hired a Baht bus to take them and their Thai tour guide for a trip around nocturnal Pattaya to “enjoy the atmosphere.”
On the way back to their hotel in Central Pattaya, Pattaya One reports, the Baht bus had to stop a traffic light, which was when another member of the tour group

noticed a Thai man on a blue Honda Wave motorbike, with no license plates, [who] had pulled up alongside and was pretending to be talking on his cell phone.

Suddenly the man leaned into the bus and snatched [Mr Feng’s] gold necklace, worth 100,000 Baht, in full view of many witnesses and drove away.

Mr Feng who insisted he was “usually very careful with his belongings” was understandably “upset” about the theft and has urged the police to catch the culprit and recover the necklace before he leaves Pattaya again. Well, we wish Mr Feng and the police the best of luck, though we surely wouldn’t hold our breath.

PS: Isn’t it about time someone clearly tells all these Chinese, Indian and other Asian travellers that wearing expensive gold necklaces is definitely NOT okay and NOT safe in Pattaya, especially not after dark? We’re sure that many of these snatch and grab thefts could have been easily avoided if the victims had just had a bit more common sense. What a pity that showing off one’s wealth obviously has priority.

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