Chinese Tourist Has 200k Baht Gold Necklace Robbed in Pattaya


Why would anyone in his right mind wear a gold necklace worth an alleged 200,000 Baht (that’s nearly 6,000 US dollars) while walking around Pattaya by night and buying fruit with his family? Well, there has never been a shortage of stupid in Pattaya, and the ever-increasing influx of nouveau-riche Chinese and Indian tourists, most often on their first overseas trip, has surely not impacted the supply situation.
Now a 32-year-old Chinese national who had just arrived in Pattaya with his family a couple of hours earlier had a 200,000-Baht gold necklace robbed on Pattaya Second Road Sunday night.

The Chinese family had reportedly gone to visit a “show” (it remains unclear but it may have been one of the ladyboy cabaret shows on the northern stretch of Second Road) and were going to buy some fruit at a roadside stall when suddenly two young Thai men rode up on a motorcycle and snatched the expensive gold chain from around the tourist’s neck before speeding off into the night.
Pattaya One report that security camera footage at the crime scene “partly [revealed] the identity of the suspects.” But we guess that by the time the police eventually track down the duo the necklace will have long been sold at a pawn shop and there won’t be much cash left to return to the victim. To say it in Thai: “Som nam naa.”

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