Chinese Tourist Loses 150k Baht Gold Necklace to Ladyboys

Pattaya beach promenade by night

It’s a frustrating reality. Theft cases where foreign tourists have a gold necklace or a handbag snatched from a bunch of ladyboys or motorcycle snatch-and-grab-thieves have become a nearly daily fixture in Pattaya.
Most often the victims are Chinese or first-time visitors from India who all appear rather clueless about the risks of hitting town with large sums of cash and a big fat gold chain around their necks.
The latest case makes no example to this rule – the victim being a 38-year-old “businessman” from China named as Mr Lyu Miag, who was visiting Pattaya for a couple of days with a bunch of his Chinese mates – and a 150k Baht gold necklace that he will now have to leave in Thailand it seems.

At around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning, Pattaya One reports, the group of Chinese men were strolling along the Pattaya beach promenade when, opposite the Royal Garden Plaza, they were approached by a three-man ladyboy gang, apparently offering them the usual stuff like short-time sucky fucky in a nearby hotel.
One of the katoeys eventually grabbed Mr Lyu’s balls, causing him to “[suffer] a momentary loss of concentration before pushing the man in a frock away.”
End of story? Not really. Because as the group of Chinese friends walked on, not thinking much anymore of the disturbance, Mr Lyu’s friends noticed that his big fat gold chain, valued at an estimated 150,000 Baht, was no longer hanging around his neck.
By the time the men had called the police the ladyboy gang, surprise surprise, had already fled the scene, along with the expensive gold necklace that will soon make its way to a pawn shop we guess. As usual, investigators will now have to rely on CCTV footage in the area in an attempt to track down the culprits.
Lesson to learn: Do not wear an expensive gold necklace in Pattaya, especially not after dark and dodgy locations like the beach promenade. Opportunity makes the thief, full stop.

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