Chinese Couple Fights Off Bag Snatchers in North Pattaya

pattayaA middle-aged Chinese couple successfully fought off four Thai guys on two motorbikes who attempted to snatch the woman’s shoulder bag as they were on their way back to their hotel on Soi Burana in North Pattaya Thursday night.

Pattaya One reports:

They were walking back to their hotel when four men on two motorbikes, pulled up beside them and one of the men attempted to snatch [the woman’s] shoulder bag. The pair decided to resist the four-man gang and began to shout and scream which forced the men to retreat without the bag.

Well done. Even though it must be noted that the tourists were lucky that they only “sustained minor cuts to their arms” and the wannabe-bag snatchers weren’t armed and didn’t assault them.

Pattaya One also notes that Soi Burana has recently become some kind of hotspot for bag snatchers and that police have now

vowed to increase patrols in the area which has experienced a number of similar incidents over the last month.

Let’s just hope the promised police patrols will be as effective as the Chinese couple in this story.

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