7-Eleven Stops Selling 1-2-Call Cards, Dumps AIS Services


If you’re an AIS customer and use 1-2-Call prepaid cards to top up the funds in your mobile phone you may have noticed that since the beginning of this month, they have been getting increasingly harder to obtain at your local 7-Eleven store.
The trouble for AIS customers is there’s a 7-Eleven store at nearly every corner throughout Thailand so it’s there where you would naturally buy a new 1-2-Call card when your phone has run out of credit.
Your webmaster, who is a 1-2-Call customer too, has been lucky there’s also a Tesco Lotus “Express” store just around the corner from where I’m living, so I could use Tesco instead of the two nearby 7-Eleven stores that had run out of 1-2-Call cards since earlier this month.

But why did all 7-Eleven stores appear to run out of 1-2-Call top-up cards at the same time? From the beginning I suspected the real reason for the sudden shortage of 1-2-Call cards was some kind of business conflict between Advanced Info Service (that’s Thailand’s largest mobile operator and what the acronym AIS stands for) and the owners of 7-Eleven – the mighty Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), that’s Thailand’s largest private company and one of the Asia’s largest conglomerates.
This has been confirmed by Khaosod English today:

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Thailand’s Richest Get Even Richer in 2016 – Forbes List

Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok

While more than half of Thailand’s 50 richest billionaires saw their fortunes shrink in 2016, the clans at the very top of the list all managed to increase their wealth in the past 12 months.
As in 2015, the four Chearavanont brothers, who control agribusiness conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), again took the top spot in the latest Thailand’s 50 Richest list, published Wednesday by American business magazine Forbes. The four siblings were also the biggest gainers this year, seeing their combined wealth increase by US$4.1 billion to $18.5 billion.
The CP group is Thailand’s largest private company and one of Asia’s largest conglomerates. It consists of three core businesses that operate in the agribusiness and food industry, retail and distribution (7-Eleven, Siam Makro), and the telecommunications industries (True Corporation) with investment in over 20 countries.

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Pattaya Set to Get High Speed Rail Link by 2020

Pattaya Set to Get High Speed Rail Link by 2020

Chances that Pattaya finally gets its long-promised high speed rail link have considerably risen on Tuesday when the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) approved the construction of a high speed train link between Bangkok and Rayong.
The 193.5 kilometre route would include stops at Suvarnabhumi Airport and in Pattaya and reduce the overall travel time between the capital and Pattaya from the current two hours to just 60 minutes – a massive boost for regular commuters and tourists travelling to Pattaya.
While the profitability of the entire high-speed rail project which has been in the pipeline for almost a decade now certainly remains debatable (and only seeing is believing) it appears that at least some headway has been made.

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Thai Airways Reports 9.9 Billion Baht Loss in Q3

It’s well known that Thai Airways International has been in dire financial straits for a couple of years now and is under intense political pressure to reverse its fortunes. But instead of improving THAI’s financial situation appears to be getting even worse: On Wednesday, the national carrier of the self-proclaimed Land of Smiles has reported… Continue Reading

Thailand Launches Pension Fund for 30 Million Informal Workers

The Thai government says it will finally initiate a new optional pension fund next month aimed at covering approx. 30 million Thais employed in the informal sector. Thailand has a large informal economy which, according to some estimates, accounts for as much as 60% of the total workforce. The new national savings fund for informal… Continue Reading

Kasikornbank Suspends Services Over the Weekend

Thailand’s fourth largest bank, Kasikornbank a.k.a. KBank, will make some unspecified “upgrades” to their system this weekend and temporarily suspend all services from Friday, July 17, 10 p.m. through Sunday, July 19, 10 p.m. All KBank services including ATMs, Internet banking and debit cards and will be offline for 48 hours. Kasikornbank advises its customers… Continue Reading

Thailand to Scrap 300-Baht Daily Minimum Wage (Updated)

The 300-Baht national daily minimum wage, introduced by the previous government of Yingluck Shinawatra in 2013 to improve the living conditions of workers in the countryside, will be scrapped again next year, the Bangkok Post reports. The current minimum wage of 300 Baht a day (about 9 dollars) applies to all 77 provinces of the… Continue Reading

Thailand’s 50 Richest List 2015

Dhanin Chearavanont, chairman of agribusiness conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), has reclaimed the top spot as the country’s richest man on Forbes’ latest Thailand’s Richest list, with a net worth of US$14.4 billion. His fortune, which he shares with three brothers, grew by $2.9 billion. The CP group is Thailand’s largest private company and one… Continue Reading

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