More Tourists Robbed by Ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road

Just a couple of days after police launched a brand-new (foredoomed) tourism safety campaign aiming to enforce a “zero crime” rate against holidaymakers in Pattaya a total of four tourists were robbed by a bunch of ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road in just a single day. In the first case, two Indian tourists, aged 33… Continue Reading

Tourist Robbed by Ladyboy As Police Launch Safety Campaign

Isn’t it ironic? Just a few hours after police had launched a well-publicized campaign on Walking Street to protect the safety of tourists in town a 33-year-old man from Kazakhstan was pickpocketed by a ladyboy at the other end of town in Naklua. Tuesday night had actually started promising, with more than 100 police and… Continue Reading

Indian Tourist Has Necklace Snatched by “Ladies” on Pattaya Beach

Why is it that exceedingly Indian and Chinese tourists so frequently have gold necklaces snatched from around their necks in Pattaya? Simple answer: It’s because they break one of the most basic rules there are for travelers anywhere in the world, i.e. to never to show off your wealth after dark and wear gold necklaces… Continue Reading

Pattaya Ladyboys Rob Two Foreign Tourists on Beach Road

Less than 24 hours after a German tourist was viciously attacked and robbed by two ladyboys in Jomtien, a gang of ladyboys on Pattaya Beach Road snatched two gold necklaces and a diamond ring worth almost 90,000 Baht in total from two foreign tourists in two separate incidents late Friday night. Both cases involved a group… Continue Reading

Ladyboys on Motorcycle Pickpocket Indian Tourist in Pattaya

Two ladyboy pickpockets riding around town on a motorcycle and approaching potential victims at the roadside have struck again in Pattaya – this time targeting an Indian tourist waiting for some friends in front of his hotel. The latest incident of this kind happened in the wee small hours of Saturday in front of the… Continue Reading

Iranian Couple on Motorcycle Seriously Injured in Mugging

In view of all these grab-and-snatch thefts recently reported around Pattaya we were actually surprised that none of the victims were actually injured. Now a married Iranian tourist couple, age unknown, who were riding a motorcycle on Sukhumvit Road at about 7 p.m. Wednesday evening were both seriously injured when their bike overturned during a… Continue Reading

Police Warn Tourists of Motorbike Snatch and Grab Thieves

Snatch and grab theft from unwary tourists has become an outright epidemic plague in Pattaya in recent weeks. Granted, it’s not really a new trick but incidents have been getting more and more frequent, prompting police to warn foreign tourists to be “extremely careful.” So far this month, only we have covered four separate incidents… Continue Reading

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