Thunderstorms, Strong Winds Forecast for Pattaya May 19-23

Following the longest-lasting heat wave in recent memory and near record temperatures for almost two months Pattaya finally got see the first notable rainfall this year in the last couple of days, resulting in a slight yet most welcome drop in temperatures. Now the Thai Meteorological Department has warned of thunderstorms, strong winds and possibly… Continue Reading

Pattaya Set to Get High Speed Rail Link by 2020

Chances that Pattaya finally gets its long-promised high speed rail link have considerably risen on Tuesday when the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) approved the construction of a high speed train link between Bangkok and Rayong. The 193.5 kilometre route would include stops at Suvarnabhumi Airport and in Pattaya and reduce the overall travel time… Continue Reading

Songkran 2016 – Some Snapshots From the Streets of Pattaya

Songkran, originally the Thai new year festival but effectively an annual one-week water battle on the sweltering hot streets of Pattaya that cripples everyday life, has finally come to an end – thanks Buddha, many old-timers will say and breathe a sigh of relief that the one-week mayhem is finally over. Here’s a collection of… Continue Reading

Songkran in Pattaya 2016 – Daily Video Update

Songkran, the traditional Thai new year festival and often touted as the “world’s largest water battle”, has finally kicked off in Pattaya. We haven’t made it downtown yet ourselves (truth be told, this is our 17th Songkran in Pattaya and our enthusiasm for this one-week mayhem is somewhat restrained) but it seems like this year,… Continue Reading

Russian “Zombie Prank” at Jomtien Restaurant (Video)

Three young Russian tourists staged what appears to be a “zombie prank” at a restaurant in Jomtien Thursday night, causing other foreign customers to panic and leave the venue in fear, with some using chairs to protect themselves against the “zombie” attackers, and others leaving their personal belongings on the tables. The incident took place… Continue Reading

Fire Destroys Max Muay Thai Boxing Stadium in Pattaya

A fire completely destroyed the new Max Muay Thai boxing stadium on Sukhumvit Road in Central Pattaya late Thursday afternoon. Four people, including the stadium’s manager, suffered minor burn injuries. It took firefighters of 10 fire trucks more than an hour to extinguish the blaze, which caused an estimated 200 million Baht in damages. According… Continue Reading

Thai Girl Goes on Rampage on Soi Buakhao

A 33-year-old Thai woman feeling neglected by her foreign lover went on a rampage on a third-floor balcony on Soi Buakhao late Tuesday night. According to a neighbour, the woman had been recently dumped by her foreign boyfriend, who had promised to open a bar and gym for the woman. When the foreigner failed to… Continue Reading

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