Jomtien GoGo Girl Stabbed by Colleague for ‘Stealing Customers’

A 38-year-old dancer at ‘We Are No.1 A-GoGo’ near the Dongtan police box in Jomtien was attacked and stabbed with a corkscrew by a jealous colleague late Friday night. The two bar girls had reportedly been arguing over a customer and decided to thrash or battle it out in front of the bar after the… Continue Reading

Thai Sex Workers Fuel Rural Economy

A recent article at Asian Correspondent dealing with ladyboy sex workers in Pattaya drew our attention to some interesting figures regarding prostitution in Thailand and the economic significance of sex work in the country. According to Havocscope, an information platform and database for the global black market, there are 250,000 prostitutes in Thailand and the… Continue Reading

Pattaya Bar Girl Killed by Ex-Thai BF on Walking Street

A young Thai woman was brutally killed outside a 7-Eleven convenience store near the Simon bar complex on Walking Street at around 7 p.m. Thursday night. The young woman, allegedly a local bar girl, was reportedly stabbed multiple times and had her throat slit by her Thai ex-boyfriend following a “domestic dispute” in public. According… Continue Reading

Pattaya Bar Girl Slang & Terminology

Sad but true, bar girls in Pattaya often speak better English than university students in Bangkok. But while that certainly says a lot about the language skills of the “educated” class it doesn’t really say much about the conversational skills of bar girls. In fact, the command of English most Pattaya bar girls have isn’t… Continue Reading

Living Dolls A-GoGo Raided for “Explicit Stage Shows”

The popular Living Dolls Showcase A-GoGo in the heart of Pattaya’s Walking Street was raided late on Tuesday night by a special regional police force who “allegedly witnessed sexually explicit shows taking place” at the venue. While a report will now be sent to the provincial governor and the bar faces a possible suspension of… Continue Reading

Public Blowjob in Walking Street Club Sparks Facebook Outrage

Impossible, we naturally thought when we read about these naughty news the first time in The Nation‘s “breaking news” section Monday afternoon. A public blowjob in Pattaya? No way! If we believe all available sources it must have caused an outright “uproar” on Thai Facebook pages Monday when pictures of an alleged Pattaya bar girl… Continue Reading

Russian Tourist Allegedly Attempts to Rape Pattaya Bar Girl

A 50-year-old Russian tourist allegedly attempted to rape a bar girl in woodland behind a motorcycle shop on Pattaya Third Road late Monday night. The “heavily intoxicated” Russian had reportedly “bar fined” the 30-year-old lady in an unnamed bar on Pattaya Second Road and “invited her to spend the night with him”. But apparently unable… Continue Reading

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