“Cambodian Masseuse” Snatches Gold Necklace from Russian

A 49-year-old Russian man has his gold necklace snatched from around his neck somewhere in a side-street on Jomtien beach in the wee hours of Monday morning. Business as usual, you say. But for a change, the perpetrators in this story were not a bunch of ladyboys, freelance prostitutes on the beach or teenagers on… Continue Reading

Scottish Tourist Falls From 5th-Floor Room at Jomtien Hotel

A 30-year-old Scottish tourist was “severely injured” after falling from a 5th-floor window at the Eurostar International Hotel on Jomtien Soi 1 Tuesday afternoon. The victim, named as Mr. Brien Strathern, had only checked in at the hotel Tuesday morning and was alone at the time, hotel staff said. Police investigators weren’t able to confirm… Continue Reading

Finnish Tourist Beaten Up By Britons in Jomtien Bar Complex

A drunk Finnish tourist was beaten up by four Britons in front of “Party Girl’s” bar in the Rompho market complex on Jomtien Second Road late Sunday night. While the 40-year-old victim suffered “head injuries and a wound on the right elbow”, an unidentified and equally intoxicated British tourist was later arrested over the incident.… Continue Reading

Russian Woman Has Bag Snatched on Jomtien Beach

A 24-year-old female Russian tourist became Pattaya’s latest bag snatch victim as she was “sitting and drinking beer” on Jomtien beach at around 3 a.m. Friday morning. Fortunately for the victim, the 21-year-old bag snatcher was apparently no professional and not equipped with the requisite getaway vehicle; so instead of speeding off into the night… Continue Reading

Jomtien Restaurant Owner Arrested for Violating Buddha Booze Ban

The 49-year-old female owner of a guesthouse and restaurant on Soi Welcome off Jomtien Beach Road was detained by the military under martial law Wednesday night for defying the nationwide ban on alcohol sales on Makha Bucha Day – one of the most important holy days in the Thai Buddhist calendar. She was charged with… Continue Reading

Elderly German Woman ‘Jumps’ to Death From Jomtien Condo

A 75-year-old German woman, whose husband was “living with his Thai wife”, allegedly jumped to her death Friday morning from the 5th floor of the Majestic Condominium on Soi Wat Boon in Jomtien. The elderly woman’s body was discovered just before 9 a.m. on the ground floor behind the condominium complex, while her walking stick… Continue Reading

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