Unidentified Foreigner Jumps to Death From Jomtien Beach Condo

Jomtien Beach Rimhad Condominium

An unidentified foreigner jumped to his death early Saturday night from the Rimhat Condo a.k.a. Jomtien Beach Condominium.
The elderly man who appears not to have been living at the condominium is estimated to be around 65-70 years old and did not carry a passport or any other form of identification. According to one unconfirmed report however, the victim was an Italian national.

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Foreigner Making Video Call Hit, Killed by Russian Motorist

Foreigner Making Video Call Hit, Killed by Russian Motorist

An unidentified young foreign tourist thought be a Russian national was hit and killed by a fellow Russian motorist as he crossed Jomtien Beach Road making a video call on his phone.
The fatal accident happened opposite The Now Hotel on Jomtien Beach Road just before 3 a.m. on Sunday.
The yet unidentified victim carried no ID card or passport on him but is also believed to be a Russian national aged approx. 25-30 years old.

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Elderly Finnish Expat Falls to His Death From Jomtien Condo

A 78-year-old Finnish expat who had been suffering from poor health and would often talk about suicide with friends apparently jumped to his death from a 10th-floor balcony at the Angket Condominium on Soi Wat Boon in Jomtien Tuesday morning. The unnamed foreigner who had reportedly been living alone in a room on the fourth… Continue Reading

Swiss Tourist Chokes to Death on Noodle Soup in Jomtien

A 58-year-old Swiss tourist reportedly choked to death on a noodle soup in Jomtien Tuesday afternoon. The fact that the victim had false teeth and also suffered from acute Asthma may have contributed to his tragic death. Mr. Ernst Albert Meier, from Bülach in the canton of Zürich, and his 32-year-old Thai girlfriend, who both reside… Continue Reading

Jomtien GoGo Girl Stabbed by Colleague for ‘Stealing Customers’

A 38-year-old dancer at ‘We Are No.1 A-GoGo’ near the Dongtan police box in Jomtien was attacked and stabbed with a corkscrew by a jealous colleague late Friday night. The two bar girls had reportedly been arguing over a customer and decided to thrash or battle it out in front of the bar after the… Continue Reading

British Tourist Assaulted by Ladyboys on Jomtien Beach

Ladyboy gangs, pushy tranny street walkers and pickpockets have become an ever-growing nuisance on Jomtien beach in recent years. In fact, it seems that with every one-off crackdown on “loitering” prostitutes on Pattaya beach, increasing numbers of small-time katoey criminals are moving over to Jomtien to target preferably elderly or intoxicated tourists in this quieter… Continue Reading

British Tourist Falls Prey to Ladyboy Pickpocket in Jomtien

A 66-year-old British tourist (actually a close mate of your webmaster) had 10,000 Baht stolen from his wallet by a ladyboy on Jomtien Beach early Friday morning. The incident happened just after midnight on the staircase of a guesthouse on Soi Welcome 2 off Jomtien Beach Road – less than an hour after the victim… Continue Reading

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