Russian Expat Couple Resist Arrest at Pattaya Alcohol Checkpoint

Russian Expat Couple Resist Arrest at Pattaya Alcohol Checkpoint

The ever increasing number of alcohol checkpoints not just around Pattaya is surely a pain in the rear for those who remember the “good old days” where you could virtually get thrashed to the point of not being able to walk straight any longer but still drive your motorbike or car around Pattaya without any fear of being stopped and breathalyzed by the police.

But the times have changed and law is law, on some occasions also in Thailand, and the maximum drink driving limit is 0.5 g of alcohol in your body, same as in many Western countries too.
In fact, since the military takeover three years ago that law is being ever more strictly enforced and there are DUI checkpoints almost every day at random locations around Pattaya, most frequently on the so-called Dark Side and at main intersections in the city centre.
Even secret LINE groups exist nowadays where members post real-time checkpoint information.

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Swede Detained After Thai GF Falls to Death From Pattaya Condo

Deaf-Mute Thai Girl Plunges to Death From Pattaya Condo

A 24-year-old deaf-mute Thai girl fell to her death from an 8th-floor condominium in the Pratamnak area of South Pattaya on Wednesday. At the time of the young woman’s tragic fall in broad daylight she was reportedly arguing with her Farang boyfriend who alleged she had “slipped on some water” and fallen to her death by accident.
Miraculously she survived the fall but succumbed to her injuries in hospital hours later.

As investigations into whether the young woman’s death was an accident, suicide or murder continue, police have detained the victim’s Swedish boyfriend who they suspect may have pushed his girlfriend over the railing, either by chance or deliberately.
According to latest reports, he has been charged with “fatal recklessness” as there is “no solid evidence he pushed her.”

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Kuwaiti Teen Arrested for Stabbing Compatriot in Pattaya

Pattaya appears to attract an ever-increasing number of quality tourists (sic) at an increasingly young age. Now a 18-year-old Kuwaiti national was arrested shortly after stabbing a compatriot, also aged only 18. The incident happened at a convenience store on Soi VC in South Pattaya just after midnight on Thursday and left the victim seriously… Continue Reading

Arrest Warrants Issued Over Ganglang Killing of Briton (Updated)

Two arrest warrants have been issued on Thursday over the execution-style killing of a British businessman near Pattaya on Tuesday. It is suspected that the cold-blooded gangland murder is related to the victim’s involvement with “boiler room” gangs in Pattaya. Mr Tony Kenway, 39, owner of a “web design company” in Pattaya, a fleet of… Continue Reading

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