Suspect in Bangkok Bomb Blast Arrested

A fake Turkish passport holder was arrested Saturday afternoon at a rented room in Bangkok’s eastern Nong Chok district on suspicion of involvement in last week’s Erawan Shrine bomb attack that killed at least 20 people. Police had earlier received a tip-off by his landlord that a foreigner who “looked like the suspect” in the… Continue Reading

Suspect Sought in Sathorn Pier Blast

While investigations into the Erawan Shrine blast that killed at least 20 people last Monday have made only little progress, CCTV footage has now surfaced showing a man carrying a heavy plastic bag onto a footbridge under Bangkok’s Taksin Bridge and dropping it in the water near the Sathorn pier. The footage was taken less… Continue Reading

Arrest Warrant Issued for “Foreign” Bomb Suspect (Updated)

Thai police have on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant for the foreign-looking prime suspect behind the deadly bomb blast at Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine Monday night. At least 22 people, including 11 foreign tourists, were killed in the unprecedented attack and more than 120 injured. As of Wednesday afternoon, 68 people, including many Chinese nationals, remained… Continue Reading

Police Hunt Foreign-Looking Bangkok Bomb Suspect

Police have identified a suspect in Monday’s bomb blast at Bangkok’s famous Erawan Shrine that killed at least 20 people, mostly Asian tourists, and injured 125. The unprecedented attack that “left body parts strewn across crushed pavement” has been described as the “worst ever attack” on the kingdom. Police have today released CCTV footage showing… Continue Reading

Explosive Thrown From Bangkok Bridge – No Injuries

Following Monday night’s powerful bomb blast at the Erawan Shrine in central Bangkok that killed 20 people and injured 125, the capital on Tuesday afternoon witnessed a second, apparently failed, bomb attack that was initially not much covered by the mainstream media. Fortunately, no injuries were reported when an explosive device, believed to be a… Continue Reading

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