“Cambodian Masseuse” Snatches Gold Necklace from Russian

Relaxing Thai massage on Jomtien beachA 49-year-old Russian man has his gold necklace snatched from around his neck somewhere in a side-street on Jomtien beach in the wee hours of Monday morning. Business as usual, you say.
But for a change, the perpetrators in this story were not a bunch of ladyboys, freelance prostitutes on the beach or teenagers on a motorbike, but an unidentified Asian woman claiming to be a “Cambodian masseuse”.
The Russian tourist told police that he was initially chatted up by four women as he was sitting alone on Jomtien beach at around 6 a.m. this morning. The ladies obviously scented that Russians appreciate their daily massage, no matter what time of the day it is, and introduced themselves as “Cambodian masseurs” (probably talking some kind of pigeon English that makes it difficult to verify whether they were really Cambodians or not).
Khaosod English reports:

Three of the women later left, at which point the Russian accompanied the remaining woman to a “massage parlor” in Soi Wat Boonkanchanararm [just off Jomtien Beach Road] which consisted of a bamboo bed on the side of a street (…) She told the tourist to lie down for a massage, police said, then snatched the gold necklace from his neck and ran off.

The Russian made his way to the police station then and told officers his unusual story. And fortunately, as officers searched the area around the bamboo bed “massage parlour”, they found a woman’s purse on the ground with the victim’s necklace it, which police assume the woman dropped when the Russian victim chased after her.
Unless there’s CCTV footage of the woman and she’s somehow known to the police, chances that she gets away with her crime are nearly 100% we’d say. So when you go for an early morning beer somewhere on Jomtien beach next time and happen to fancy a massage – make sure you don’t wear a gold necklace or carry a cash-loaded wallet. There’s a bunch of four “Cambodian masseurs” out there waiting to rob you on a bamboo bed …

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