Burglary at Elderly German Expat’s Condominium

An elderly German expat who had been out for a few beers at a nearby beer bar came back to his condo early on Saturday only to find his room broken into, completely ransacked and burgled, with his belongings scattered all over the place and even his safe broken open.
The incident reportedly happened at the 79-year-old’s condo at the Pattaya Park condominium in Jomtien and he claims he had been out just for a few hours.

What is weird about the case isn’t just that there were “no signs of forced entry” (so the burglars appear to have used some kind of spare or duplicate key to enter the victim’s room) but that the thieves, as Pattaya One report,

also managed to gain access into the safe. The took 1,500 Euro’s which is roughly around 58,000 Thai Baht, as well 10,000 Thai Baht in cash from the safe.

“Some minor electronic possessions” were also missing from the elderly man’s room and police will now examine CCTV footage in and around the condominium building in an attempt to identify and catch the culprit(s).

While this was quite obviously an “inside job” and condo staff may be to blame (but how would they know the safe code?) we think it’s most likely that the elderly victim recently took a bar girl, or an acquaintance of whatever gender, back to his condominium and entertained her/him for a couple of days, and that acquaintance managed to duplicate his room key and observe him while he entered his safe code.
So well, if you have a safe in your room and keep larger amounts of cash in there, make sure that no one can secretly watch you when you enter the code and take money out.
(If you stay in a hotel and hotel staff are the culprits that advice may be not very helpful though as they may be able to override your code. So if you live here and have a Thai bank account – which we assume the German in this story had – your money is probably still safest in a bank.)

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