Briton, Two Romanians Nabbed with Fake ATM Cards in Pattaya

atm-scammersAn elderly British man and two Romanians have been arrested at an ATM machine off Soi Siam Country Club in East Pattaya for allegedly using fake ATM cards to withdraw money.
The arrest of the trio followed a tip-off by Siam Commercial Bank officials that the three foreigners were using counterfeit cards to withdraw money from ATM machines in the Pattaya area.
Police later seized a total of 43 counterfeit ATM cards, a magnetic card reader/writer, a notebook computer, as well as 0.45 grams of crystal meth from the men’s rented rooms. reports:

Police found that they withdrew cash from accounts of foreigners. Their alleged accomplices abroad supplied them fake cards and information for writing on the fake cards.
The British suspect, identified as Terence Walters, 66, reportedly received a pension from the British government and has been a frequent visitor to Pattaya since 2007. He was found to be living with a ladyboy who regularly supplied the foreigner with crystal meth, a smaller quantity of which was found in his rented apartment.
The two Romanians, aged 27 and 37, had reportedly entered Thailand only in April this year and were also found to be drug users.

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