Briton Attempts Suicide by Slashing Own Throat in Public

Tony Roberts suicide attempt

A 54-year-old British expat brutally attempted to kill himself by slashing his own throat with a six-inch box cutter blade in broad daylight in Bang Saray, just a few kilometres south of Pattaya. He repeatedly shouted “I want to die!” as he was actually bleeding to death in front of a shocked crowd of locals at a housing estate in Sattahip district.
As scared bystanders were watching the grisly suicide attempt in progress, finding themselves unable to step in for fear of getting attacked themselves, police eventually wrestled the box cutter from the dying man and rushed him to a local hospital, effectively saving his life in the last minute.

Photos show the British expat sitting slumped on the pavement in a pool of his own blood. report that the man was

covered in blood propped up against a lamppost by the side of the road in full view of passersby. His own 125cc bike with keys still in the ignition was parked next to him.

The man was identified as Mr Tony Roberts, a long-time British expat reportedly involved in a motorcycle rental business in the Bang Saray market area. Police cited stress from legal problems and a lawsuit the expat was facing as possible reason for the suicide attempt.
It also emerged at hospital that the foreigner’s grisly suicide attempt by slashing his own throat in public was actually the third time he violently tried to end his own life. On the two previous occasions he had also slashed his neck and wrists but survived both attempts.


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