Briton Dies in Bangkok Hospital After Failing to Pay Medical Bills

Kathryn Williamson
Kathryn Williamson (left) with her two sisters

Here’s a distressing reminder that life – especially that of a foreign tourist who has run out of money and gets hospitalized – is worth very little in Thailand and that a decent travel health insurance is of utmost importance in the kingdom. In fact, many hospitals won’t even treat or accommodate you if you cannot pay for their services in cash or have an adequate insurance.
A 51-year-old British woman has now sadly passed away in an unnamed hospital in Bangkok after she suffered a shock collapse while on holiday in Thailand with her partner and spent two months on life support.
Over time, her medical bills added up to £36,000 or nearly two million Thai Baht that neither the woman herself nor her partner or her family in the UK could afford to pay.

Her elder sister even set up an online fundraising page in order to raise money to help bring her sister home. Unfortunately the donations were not sufficient to cover the medical bills in full and Kathryn Williamson, from North Shields in North East England, has now passed away in Bangkok.
To add insult to injury: The unidentified hospital now refuses to release her body and let her family bring her back to England, insisting on the medical bills being paid first.
The Sun reports that Kathryn’s family in England are now

facing the devastating prospect that they might not even be able to bring her body home – with medics holding her to ransom until the £36k bill is paid.

Her heartbroken sister Elizabeth Phillips, 58, said: “We don’t know what happens now. I don’t know if we will be able to get her back. We will only be able to make a contribution to the hospital and until they are paid they won’t release her body.”

The fundraising page set up by her sister Elizabeth will remain online in a bid to help raise enough money to pay Kathryn’s medical bills and bring her body back home.

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