British Tourist Has Room Safe Stolen From Soi Buakhao Guesthouse

British Tourist Has Room Safe Stolen From Soi Buakhao Guesthouse

In our previous post we just advised tourists not to carry unnecessarily large amounts of cash with them when they go out for a drink in Pattaya after dark. But if you haven’t got a Thai ATM card and you don’t want to withdraw only small amounts of cash with your foreign card every day – where would you keep your cash?
Probably in your room safe, wouldn’t you?
Granted, there are scattered reports that tourists had their room safes emptied, most often by underpaid maids or female acquaintances we can only guess, while they went out for a couple of hours or fell asleep after a session of short-time fun and forgot to lock the safe.
But such incidents are extremely rare and usually nothing to worry about.

As the following story shows however, it seems that even locking your safe isn’t always, well, the safest option to protect your hard-earned cash from thieves.
A 57-year-old British tourist who rented a second-floor room at the popular Sweethearts bar and guesthouse on Soi Buakhao now had his entire room safe stolen while he went out for a couple of hours.

Pattaya One report that the British tourist

had been out for dinner and when he returned, three hours later, the room safe was missing, along with his 64,000 Baht holiday spending money.

Police will now examine security camera footage and suspect that this was an “inside job”. But as the chances to fully recover the cash are very slim we assume, we hope for the victim still that he still has a credit card and can somehow enjoy the remainder of his holiday in style.

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  1. Hotel safes were well known for getting emptied years ago. I would only store travel docs and travelers cheques in them. My best idea was to store cash in a rolled up sock at the back of a dirty underwear drawer. The maids would not rummage around in there due to the stink… lol.

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