British Tourist Robbed by Pattaya Bar Girl While He Sleeps

British Tourist Robbed by Pattaya Bar Girl While He Sleeps

A female sex worker at an unidentified beer bar in the Soi Buakhao area has been arrested for having “recently” robbed a British tourist while he was sleeping in his hotel room. The 170,000 Thai Baht the bar girl nicked from her victim’s wallet have reportedly been used to pay for a nose job.

According to Pattaya One, the unnamed British tourist had been out celebrating his birthday with a few mates on Soi Buakhao. The group eventually ended up drinking in a bar where he came across a young Thai lady that he “quite liked” and invited back to his room.

Back in the room, all was well and they both fell asleep with no problems. It was only when the victim woke up the following morning that he found himself to be all alone, with 170,000 Thai Baht less than he should have had.

Police used CCTV footage to eventually track the young lady down. The money she had nicked from her punter’s wallet had already disappeared though, with part of it reportedly “being used for a brand new nose.”

Well, let’s just add that it’s extremely unusual for a bar girl (albeit not for a freelance hooker) to rob you in your sleep. The girls usually leave a copy of their ID cards at the bar where they’re working so the chances of tracking a “bad girl” down are always pretty high. On the other hand, as we recently pointed out, opportunity makes the thief, and carrying 170,000 Baht in your wallet may be simply too much of a temptation for some.
Good advice: Leave your money locked in your safe or, even better, in the bank, and only withdraw as much as you really need every couple of days.

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